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Apr 17, 2023Liked by Valeria Maltoni

Nice to know I'm not the only one looking back at humanity through a relatively anthropological lens these days. 😉 Our endlessly optimized, data-driven lives are increasingly homogenous (average) and automated (thoughtless), opening us up to boredom and a creeping sense of nihilism.

I find myself thinking back to simpler times, hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. Sure, life was literally harder in every way, but what about our needs? How have those primitive requirements for giving up the nomadic life to settle down changed?

The comments above around value, commerce, and parasitic middlemen really hit home. It would be hard for me to find a friend these days who *wouldn't* prefer dealing with smaller, local brands and businesses, where they can build trusted relationships and feel good about their spending habits.

How do we tap that in the face of such extreme, ingrained convenience at all costs?

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